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Deer watching

Deer’s Route (Lousã Mountain)

Observação de veadosObservação de veadosRoute in forest roads, very affordable, with gentle slopes. The Route of the Deer is a journey that takes place in the upper part of the Lousã Mountains, traversing forests and extensive thickets of heather and gorse, the preferred habitat of this mountain largest mammal, the deer. It is possible, throughout the journey, find traces of this cervid (markings on trees, trails, droppings, footprints, etc..). With any luck, we may also observe and / or hear any of these animals in full freedom.

Observação de veadosMeeting Point: 8:00 a.m. – Lousã.
Duration: 4/5h.
Price: 12,5€. Includes guides and insurance.
Difficulty degree: *

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Deer Breeding (Lousã Mountain)

In the breeding season it is possible to observe with some ease, the largest mammal of the Lousã Mountains: the deer. At that time, are easier to detect because they are at the time of mating, also called the time of the roaring. The deer males vocalize sounds to attract females and fend other males away. This activity consists of a walk through Lousã Mountain, with some stops to observe these animals. We will also identify the tracks, traces of food, droppings and territorial markings made ​​by deer. This program has specialized monitoring. Besides direct observation, we will resort to using binoculars to observe animals more distant or view her behaviors.

Meeting point: 6 a.m. – Lousã. Duration: 4/5h. Price: € 17.5. Includes guides and insurance. Difficulty degree: *

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