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Training and Services in Nature

Climbing, abseiling and slide

Natural Rock Climbing (Penedos de Gois – Penacova)

Activity rock climbing in routes of quartz (characterized by high hardness). The structure of the tracks is very diverse, always showing good supports (large prey). There is also the possibility of a route a little harder, that besides having good support is a bit more skewed negatively. The surrounding landscape is stunning, with a natural tranquility, and along one of the schist villages: Pena. The Penedo de Gois is the highest point of the county of Góis (1048m) and is formed by clusters of quartz rock, making it a suitable place to practice mountaineering activities.

Longitude: a maximum of 25 meters. Altitude: 550 meters. Season recommended: All year if there isn’t rainy weather. There are routes that can only be climbed in the period from July to December.

Meeting point: 9.30 a.m. / 2.30 p.m.- Esporão petrol pumps(Góis). Duration / Price: – Option 1: Morning or afternoon (3 hours) – 25 € / pax – Option 2: Full day (5 hours) – 30 € / pax Difficulty: Easy, with routes of 4 to 5 degrees in a range of undergraduate French 3 (very easy) to 9A + (extremely difficult). Recommendations: Requires some physical dexterity. Ability to carry out this program in Penacova.

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Maneuvers strings: slide, abseiling, climbing (Candosa-Gois)

 Multiactividade with slide (crossing from one river bank to the other on a steel cable about 80m with considerable slope between departe and reception), abseiling and climbing . Stunning scenery in a quartzitic throat formed by the wear of centuries of the river Ceira in Nossa Senhora da Candosa. Possibility to include mountain biking, archery and canoeing.

 Meeting point: 9.30 am – Ponte Maria Mendes, EN 342 – road linking the Vila Nova do Ceira to Serpins, at the crossover to Lomba de Alveite. Price: 25 € / pax. Includes equipment, monitors and insurance. Difficulty: Easy. Duration: 5/6h, depending on the number of participants.

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