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How do I enroll in an activity or get additional information?

Contact us directly by email ( ), cell phone (00351 966 217 787) or fixed phone / fax (00351 235 778 938)

What is required to enroll in a activity?

To enroll in our activities initially we need the name the person responsible, a contact phone and the number of participants. Subsequently, it is necessary to indicate the full names of participants to make the insurances.

Your activities have insurance associated?

All our activities are covered by a personal accident insurance and liability insurance, according to the portuguese law for tourism and sport adventure companies.

The personal accident insurance includes coverage for death or permanent disability amounting to € 20,000 and costs of treating up to 3,500 €.

The capital per claim in the liability insurance is € 50,000.

How about activities payment?

The activities more simplest and with duration of one day, are paid on the day of the activity and payment can be made by cash or check.

In more complex activities, such as end-of-week adventure expeditions or cultural trips lasting more than one day, we require 50% down payment up to 20 days (flexible) before. The remaining 50% is paid on the day of the activity.

Which is the VAT rate?

You need to add VAT at the legal rate (23%) to the prices indicated.

What is Canyoning?

Canyoning boils down to the descent of rivers and mountain streams, through the use of techniques of rope and other maneuvers to overcome obstacles (down waterfalls in abseiling, jumping into the water). To carry out this activity is necessary to use specific equipment, adapted to the environment in question: wetsuits, hiking boots, personal protective equipment (helmet, harness, descender), own backpacks, sealed bags and boxes. It was the insistent demand of beauty odd environments, protected from the humanizing action, and the attraction by adventure that led climbers and cavers to explore the bottom of the deepest valleys, redoubt of vertiginous rivers.

Canyoning became in a collective activity, significantly since the mid-1970s.

In Portugal, as in other countries, canyoning’s history starts progressively associated with the manifest interest of fishermen, shepherds, climbers and naturalists to discover the most inaccessible waterways, motivated by adventure, by explore new landscapes or merely by work or for mere amusement. As a activity sportive, began in the late 1980s, with the decline of some rivers in Gerês. During this period some groups of climbers, attracted by the beauty and inaccessibility of some valleys, using up of climbing gear they set out to discover some canyons.

Canyoning is a sport where you can find a symbiosis between nature, adventure and pleasure of swimming in crystal clear water.

The grandeur of the natural environment provides a sense of discovery and adventure unique that attracts increasing numbers of adherents, where exist risk and where we need to have appropriated behavior to protect the ecosystem.


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