Cultural and Ethnography Tourism

Hiking in Aldeias do Xisto
Advenure Expedition

– BREAD AND FLOUR TOUR: Guided visit to Penacova, with a visit to the Museum and Moinho Vitorino Nemésio in the morning. Regional lunch by the Mondego River. In the afternoon, participants will have the opportunity to learn or relive the traditional bread making in the center region of Portugal in the village of Lorvão, where there is a community oven with about 600 years of history, made by the Nuns of the Monastery of Lorvão. While the bread is baked in the oven, we will visit the windmills that still operating in the Serra de Gavinhos. In the end, it’s offered a snack with some delicacies from the region and also the bread that was made that day. Each participant will take as a souvenir a bread to home. This is a unique opportunity to discover how are made the artisanal toothpicks of Lorvão and also visit the Monastery of Lorvão.

– GOAT, CHANFANA AND CHEESE TOUR: Tour around Arganil, where you can visit an artisanal farm of goat’s milk and theese, a family agro-food project of capriniculture and organic agriculture, in a wonderful location on the banks of the river Alva. Presentation of the goat and sheep cheese making workshop – the cheese made will be part of the snack.

– OLIVE OIL TOUR: An unforgettable day, in a magical place in the Ceira river valley, in central Portugal.
THE OLIVE OIL Mill (Lagar de Azeite) at Ponte Velha da Cabreira is the only trunk mill in operation in our country.
The magic of the heat, the intense smell of the gold produced, and the contact with the MESTRE Lagareiro (specialized person who still knows how to do olive oil in this place)takes us back to other times, forcing us to reflect and appreciate the simplicity of the Portuguese rural world.