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Hiking Piódão: Village at the end of the world (Serra do Açor): Piódão (Historical Village), land of the famous gangs like João Brandão. Piódão lived isolated from the world for centuries, the only access being a “path” of oxen. Come with Trans Serrano, know these and other historical and paths that only we know them!
Hiking On the Slopes of Mata da Margaraça (Serra do Açor): Botanical route with an interpretation of the human occupation of this natural sanctuary. Includes a visit of the reservation's interpretation center, to Casa da Eira, the museum of traditional economic activities, to the refuse oven, and to the Quinta's mill. With a visit by the artisan of wooden spoons, to Fraga da Pena, where, if you have the courage, you can cool off or simply enjoy this last stronghold of the native forest!
Hiking Schist Traditions Route (Góis): Route through the Aldeias do Xisto in the Municipality of Góis: Aigra Nova, Aigra Velha, Comareira and Pena, in the company of the imposing Penedos de Góis. These villages transport us, with their stories, to the old days. Visits: alembic, threshing floor, community oven and mill, vegetable gardens and mountain cultures, exploration of goats, chestnut groves, traditional kitchens, and many other surprises from the territory!
Hiking Route of the Aldeias do Xisto (Lousã): Route through the Lousã "Aldeias do Xisto" with a visit to Talasnal, Vaqueirinho, Chiqueiro, and Casal Novo, passing through places of rare beauty, such as the levada (is an irrigation channel or aqueduct specific to the Portuguese popular architecture), centenary chestnut groves, Nª Sra. Da Piedade Hermitages, Ermida Hydroelectric power Plant, among others.
Hiking Garganta de Loriga (Serra da Estrela): Walk of choice in Serra da Estrela. In a mountainous and inhospitable area, we will descend this mountain, from the highest point, the Tower, to the village of Loriga, along the glacier valley with the same name and with irregular and rocky landscape, formed by lagoons, valleys, and glacial caves.
Hiking Central Plateau (Serra da Estrela): 18 km between Penhas Douradas and the Torre! This route is one of the most spectacular in the Serra da Estrela due to the wonderful landscapes of the Cântaros (Magro, Gordo, and Raso) and the Glacier Lakes, culminating in the ascent to the highest point of this mountain, the Torre (1993m). Granitic landscape with a fantastic natural environment characterized by low vegetation and typical altitude fauna.
Hiking Glacier Valley (Serra da Estrela): Guided hiking trail in the Glacier Valley of the Zêzere River in the heart of the Serra da Estrela. The route can be done in a circular way, starting in Manteigas, going up the glacial valley to Covão d'Ametade and returning through the Candeeira valley, to Manteigas or in a linear and shorter version making only the glacial valley, next to the river Zêzere, ranging from 18km to 10km.