Hiking in Aldeias do Xisto
Canoeing - Rio Mondego (P/Mizarela): Penacova / Coimbra (Praia Mizarela) - all year. The sector with 12km between the weir of Carvoeira (Penacova) and the Fluvial Beach of Palheiros / Zorro (Coimbra). It is the largest and most commercial activity of tourist entertainment in our country, being indicated for initiation to canoeing. It has a stunning natural environment with varied vegetation and countless birds.
Night canoeing - Rio Mondego: Rebordosa / Coimbra (P / Mizarela) (Jun to Sep): For about 8km we will have the opportunity to see the largest Portuguese river from a night perspective. In the night canoeing, the silence and the emptiness of darkness make these summer canoeing very interesting, without the inconvenience of the heat that is registered during the day.
Canoeing - Descent of the river Alva (Oct-May): A sector with 9km between Vila Cova do Alva and Côja in the municipality of Arganil. The sector with more than a dozen dams and rapids, with different formats (ramp, step, vertical, round, whole, semi-destroyed, etc.).
Canoeing - Rio Alvoco: Oliveira do Hospital (Oct to May): Canoeing Rio Alvoco, in a sector with 8km between Alvoco das Várzeas and Avô in the municipality of Oliveira do Hospital. It is a more technical sector, with fewer dams, but many passages with narrow rapids, some with rocks in the riverbed, where contact with water is inevitable ...
Canoeing - Rio Ceira: Góis / Vila Nova do Ceira (Nov-Mai): sector with 7km between Góis and Vila Nova do Ceira in the municipality of Góis. It is the most accessible sector in Ceira, characterized by a dozen dams, most of which are easy to progress. It has only 2 or 3 narrower passages that require some experience and skill to pass without going to taste the water temperature.
Canoeing - Rio Tejo I (Amieira do Tejo / Alamal): All year: sector with 15km, starting downstream from Fratel Dam and ending at Alamal river beach, next to Belver Castle. It is a pleasant canoeing activity, on a wide river and therefore very accessible.
Canoeing - Rio Tejo II (Belver / Pego Dam): All year: Beginning downstream from the Belver Dam and ending at the Pego reservoir, it is a pleasant activity in a wide river for about 12km, with current, for times strong, due to the (controlled) discharge of this dam
Canoeing - Rio Vouga: Sever do Vouga - all year: a sector of about 12km, starting in Pessegueiro do Vouga and ending in Sernada do Vouga (Sever do Vouga municipality). During the winter and spring months or if the upstream dam is turbining, it is a descent with some rapids.
Canoeing - Rio Zêzere I: Dam of Bouçã / Foz de Alge - all year: in a sector of about 7km, starting downstream of the Bouçã Dam and ending in Foz de Alge, next to the Parque de Campismo (Figueiró dos Vinhos municipality), corresponding to the first of three sectors that we carry out on this river.
Canoeing - River Zêzere II: Castelo de Bode / Constância Dam - all year: in a sector of about 10km, starting downstream of the Castelo de Bode dam and ending at the river beach of Constância, corresponding to the 2nd of three sectors that we carry out in this river.
Canoeing - Rio Zêzere III: Foz do Nabão / Tancos - all year: a sector of about 11km, starting halfway between the Castelo de Bode Dam and Constância and ending at the Almourol Castle or at the Tancos pier. The descent begins on the Rio Zêzere and ends on the Tagus River. You have the option of visiting the castle of Almourol, one of the most beautiful castles in Portugal.