Aldeias do Xisto Programs

Advenure Expedition
Adventure Weekend in Aldeias do Xisto

Bread and cheese workshop:
In the heart of Serra da Lousã in Aldeia do Xisto de Aigra Nova, participants will have the opportunity to participate in the artisanal process of making corn and rye bread and goat cheese. Rye and maize have been the main cereals produced for centuries. The cheeses are made with goat milk from the herds in the village. This program also includes a visit to the village’s Capri, a visit to the community threshing floor and a guided visit to the headquarters of the Schist Traditions Eco-Museum, where all the traditional agro-pastoral activities of these communities are depicted.

Atelier of pilado chestnut and magusto:
The chestnut is considered an endogenous and unique product. In Aldeia do Xisto Aigra Nova, there are still reeds to pillar the chestnut in a traditional way. The program includes a visit to the centenary chestnut groves, a visit to the caniço, a pilado chestnut workshop in the morning. Afternoon with magusto and chestnut tasting, ethnographic animation to be held in Aldeia do Xisto de Aigra Nova.

Honey atelier – the sweet of heather:
Visit to an apiary in Aldeia do Xisto Aigra Nova, where it will be possible to carry out the entire process of collecting, transporting, extracting and pressing honey. Then, a workshop will be held where the participants will learn how to make honey liqueur. At this time there will be tasting of honey liqueur and honey donut. It is possible to buy honey directly from the producer.

Corn king Atelier – shirtless and hug:
Once in these mountain villages, maize was made shirtless. This moment was always a party day. The population of several neighboring villages was gathered and, as a group, the entire collection process was done, shirtless and threshing until the corn was spread on the threshing floor to dry. The program includes the harvest of corn, the transport of corn to the threshing floor of the village, the shirtless or defoliated and the tradition of hugging that is only carried out if among the yellow ears the king corn appears – the red ear. To finish the process, the corn is threshed, raised and spread on the threshing floor to dry. This whole process is accompanied with ethnographic animation and stray in the old fashion with an ethnographic group with extras and players.