About Us

Trans Serrano - Aventura, Lazer e Turismo, Lda. Is a tourist entertainment / outdoor tourism company and travel agency, based in Góis and founded on August 16, 1999.We have the license RNAAT 24/2003 and we organize adventure and outdoor sport activities throughout the country, but with a main focus on the central region, namely: canoeing, canyoning, water hike, paintball, hiking in Serra da Lousã, Açor and Estrela, activities with ropes (slide, rappel, climbing, rope bridges such as zip lines, parallel and others), climbing wall, jeep tours, orientation, target shooting, rally and peddy pappers, mountain biking, multi-activities, inflatables, event organization and other activities. These activities are usually adapted to different audiences: schools, youth groups and scouts, companies (incentives and outdoor training), bachelor parties, birthdays, friends and family events, among others.

Our motto is “We take you where no one will” because: - We take our customers to original and unique places, activities and emotions, experiencing the best local cuisine, contacting the most genuine culture and traditions and staying in the best hotels; - We take our customers on unique activities, where we provide them with new and unexpected emotions and environments.
Trans Serrano aspires to be a company of excellence and quality in the activities, experiences and emotions it provides to its customers.
Trans Serrano's mission is to provide its customers with the most genuine and enriching activities, experiences and emotions possible, through the organization of programs and services in which participants enjoy a mix of adventure, culture, gastronomy, sport activities. leisure and tourism in the areas where we operate. Economic, environmental and social sustainability is very important to us. Why: - We are based in a low density territory; - We created several jobs and contributed to the establishment of people in Góis, valuing the local economy, with the multiplier effects of our activity; - We don't just think, but we act !!! Throughout our history we have participated in various social and environmental actions, of which we highlight the support for the Serra da Lousã Nature Conservation Fund (materialized in support of Lousitânea) and with the Bosque dos Afectos project, where, with the support of our customers, we purchase burnt land and repopulate it with native species, thus minimizing the ecological footprint resulting from our activity and contributing to the environmental and biodiversity balance of the municipality where we are based.